Relationship Advice – Keeping It Private!

Men and women alike are staying single much longer than before. Many enter into relationships that last a few months to maybe a year. Sometime after that year mark, they get an itch to return to single life before entering the next relationship. It's a vicious cycle.

It may be an issue of personal beliefs concerning marriage, family have changed. As a society, we no longer adhere to the old beliefs that say we must settle down and begin a family soon after high school or college.

Now we know it's ok to take an extra ten years or more after high school to be selfish and enjoy our youthful, single days. These are the days that we cherish. These are the days that we will look back on with little to no regrets.

When we do finally decide to settle down, after meeting that one special woman or man, we won't feel an ounce of guilt associated with not having had enough fun in our younger days.

After we decide that settling down with that one special person, many of us have a hard time ditching the traits of single life. One of those being the ability to tell your closest friends EVERYTHING.

It can be difficult for some to get adjusted to being in a serious relationship. When you are just dating, it is not uncommon to talk to your friends – and to ‘kiss and tell.' This is especially true for women. Whether it is the first date with a new man, the first kiss, the first passionate encounter or the first sexual encounter, women pick up the phone and describe, in detail, every second of the encounter to our best of friends.

All women are guilty!

Once you are in a serious relationship, this is one of those habits that needs to be tucked away with all those memories and habits of single days gone by.

You may wonder why? Why shouldn't you have a special friend that that you can tell everything to?

Actually, you should. And that person should be your significant other, not your friends. Now that you have decided to be in that serious relationship, it becomes very, very important to keep all matters concerning your relationship between you and your partner.

One reason is very simply respect. Eventually you and your lover will develop the deepest bond. You will share things about yourselves which you assume will be kept confidential. It is not fair if you expect your partner to keep certain things between you two while you turn to your friends. You must respect the privacy of your lover.

Another reason is you will eventually encounter a few quarrels. It is in our common nature to seek out friends and discuss with them our private relationship spats to gain approval from them.

We all want to feel justified that we are in the right, and our partner is the wrong one. Sharing details may make you feel better for a bit, but that could end up being very short lived. First of all, your friends are only hearing one side of the story. Your friends are biased, of course they are going to stand behind you.

What happens then? You may feel the need to let your lover that all of your friends agree with you. Then you can mark yourself BUSTED!

Your partner now knows that you have been sharing your own dirty laundry with others. It is not fair to your partner and it will make matters worse. This will eventually lead to distrust. And everyone knows a lack of trust is an absolute downfall of every relationship in which it enters.

Whatever happens in your relationship should stay between you and your partner.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule – and that's what you were hoping for, right.

If you are in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship, you need to seek help elsewhere and from family and friends.


If you just have a problem that has been digging at you for far too long, sometimes it just makes sense to seek help from friends, as long as you urge them to keep it confidential.

But in a very normal sense of a relationship, your everyday issues should be worked out between you and your love, not you and your entire circle of friends.

If you must share details, only divulge positive information. If your partner brings you flowers, tell the world! If they lover forgot your birthday, there is no need to share the details – all of your friends will think your lover as a jerk, and that's a tough mess to clean up once the smoke clears.

Have you ever shared private information only to have it end badly? Do you think talking to your friends should be considered a breach in trust?

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  1. tatum says:

    My teenage boyfriend lost his father in the month of march 2014, a day before my birthday. At that time we were dating for 4 months without a single fight or disagreement. It honestly felt like we were perfect for eachother and our parents also knew about us from the first day we started dating. I honestly felt extremely special with him. Then a couple months after his father passed away up until about our 6 month anniversary he was fine and the same and at about 7months of us dating the problems started to occur. He started to cop an attitude and lose feelings yet still has some. He absoluetly hates himself for all of this and we are currently both broken up 8 months into the relationship and he just wishes that he could have the feelings back that went missing and that he wishes he could start treating me the way he used to because once again he hates himself for it . I would like to know what i should do because i really dont want to lose him, we both have agreed on the break up and that it is best but i would like to know what i could do to improve this relationship with him and get us back to the way we were.

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