Republicans Happier than Democrats

In a survey by the Pew Research Center the following was revealed.

Among 3,014 telephone respondents, half reported being pretty happy, and 15 percent said they are not too happy.

The survey, released this week, points out several disparities based on lifestyle, beliefs and political persuasion:

  • Republicans are happier than Democrats.
  • People who worship frequently are happier than those who don’t.
  • The rich are happier than the poor.
  • Whites and Hispanics are happier than blacks.
  • Married people are happier than the unmarried.
  • Dog owners and cat owners rate the same.
  • Sunbelt residents are happier than everyone else.

Now, looking at those results, I see something that my grandpa always told me – that being that Democrat is the party of the poor man.

That being said, doesn’t it seem natural that democrats would be some of the most angry creatures these days?  Given the fact that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer?

Now I would be happy too IF I were not under so much financial burdens and lived in the sunbelt – but with the results listed above, I’m only lacking in a couple of areas on reasons to be pissy.

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