Rest in Peace Granny Baer

Just after midnight I received a text message from my son informing me that Granny Baer had passed away. The matriarch (and patriarch) of the Baer clan was gone.

I never thought I would see the day that Granny would be gone – I always laughed, while amazed, at how she defied science and medicine to live such a long and productive life.

A few years back she tripped and fell over her dog – broke a couple of bones, which, according to doctors, healed much quicker than many 40 and 50-year-olds. Apparently her organs decided to age with time, where the rest of her body remained quite young, as did her mind. This from a woman who smoked 2 packs of Pall Mall non-filters a day, since she was 12. At least that's her story and according to the Legend that IS Granny Baer.

When I was pregnant with the twins, we spent every weekend evening playing Poker around Granny's kitchen table. The stories she'd tell and the memories we made will always be among my most treasured.

Granny outlived three of her five children – which no mother should ever do. One of those children was my father-in-law who passed when the twins (he called them Little Shavers) were 2 years old. Granny outlived her husband, whom I never had the pleasure of meeting, but felt as though I knew him through all the stories and memories Eileen shared with me.

Granny was one of a kind. A class act – feisty, opinionated, protective, loving, so caring, thoughtful, sharp and SO quick witted. I can only hope, when I get to be a grandmother and great-grandmother, I will be half as cool as she was.

Rest in Peace Granny! You did your job and you did it well.

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