Roe v. Wade for Men

Inspired by Men’s Rights Group Eyes Child Support Stay

As the parent of two teenage boys, I have repeatedly warned them of birth control gone bad, girls forgetting to take their pill, the oops factor and more.  I’ve told them NEVER believe the girl is fully protected UNLESS he goes to the doctor with her and watches her get the actual shot in HER arm!  Otherwise, anything else should be assumed to fail and that they will be the one to end up bearing the majority of the responsibility because that’s what happens to “responsible” people.

I believe there should be policies and laws in place to protect those men who are unwillingly trapped into parenting.

I believe women DO have the power when it comes to this particular topic and if laws were in place to protect men from unwanted pregnancies, we’d probably see the burden on our nations welfare drop tremendously too.

Women would likely think twice, keep a monthly calendar that would give her a clue as to when she may be ovulating and it would sure as heck cut down on the number of children that are born into this world without a full set of loving parents – which really is the greatest crime, don’t you think?

Could a law like this really be possible?

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