Sarah Palin Admits She Did Not Read ‘Duck Dynasty’ Interview

At least she’s honest and didn’t say she’s “read all of them.”

On one hand, I feel kind of sorry for her for being such a dingbat – but on the other hand, blondes are finally getting one over on brunettes. Sarah Palin makes me feel genius on most days.

I think a lot of people were quick to jump to the defense of Phil Robertson because they jumped aboard the “Attack on Christians” version of the story and didn’t dig in to read the actual article before developing their OWN opinion.

If someone READS the REAL interview and not some over-edited and spun version before stating their opinion, then I respect that opinion.

So many people jumped to the defense of Phil because they thought he was being attacked as a Christian – NO, that wasn’t it at all. What he was being called out for was the fact he chose to sink to a level of vulgarity that was FAR from Christianlike and then when things got heated, he jumped behind that Christian shield where he knew people would come to his defense like a pack of rabid dogs.

Phil Robertson, in my opinion, is not the “Godly” man he claims to be if he’s going to adhere to the parts of the Bible that benefit him and then overlook the parts that aren’t to his benefit. But then again, that’s most Christians these days.

Philippians 2:12 tells us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.

OUR OWN Salvation – Not the one that is forced down our throats by those who act out in ways that can easily be interpreted as anger, vulgar or condemning ways.

More to come… I’m on a roll.

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