Sending Flowers From The Doghouse And Other Stupid Ideas Men Have

flowers shares a piece on when to and when not to send a woman flowers.  Listed in the ‘when TO send’ section is:

Send her Flowers When you have Misbehaved, and need help emerging from the doghouse.  Flowers won’t get you out of the doghouse entirely, but sometimes they help just a little.  Remember though that if your relationship is falling apart, then don’t waste your money on flowers … flowers don’t make the man!  Remember that!

I don’t know about you, but this is NOT a good time to be sending me flowers.  If my man starts sending me flowers when he’s in the doghouse, it sets the frame of thinking to “what has he done now?” when I get flowers thereafter.

Another listed in the ‘when to send’ section is:

Send her Flowers the Morning after the first time you have sex with her (assuming you want her for a girlfriend).  I have done this a number of times in my past – usually send roses with a card that simply says something like, “I enjoyed last night, and would like to see you again soon.”  Then sign your name, of course.  I’m told that women think this is way hot – so now I’m passing this secret on to you.

Morning after first time sex is not a good time to send flowers to me because that sends out a HUGE assed signal that someone might be feeling just a little inadequate in some departments so he’s trying to make up in another department.

The last thing I want is to get involved in a relationship where I’m going to have to constantly reassure my man that he’s the “biggest and best lover I’ve ever had” while blowing my nail polish dry.

The best advice I can give to men on when to send flowers is to keep in mind that any time is good for flowers – just remember what it takes to get the girl is what it’s going to take to keep the girl.  Just don’t start something that you aren’t going to keep following through with.

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