Single Parents – When to introduce him to the kids

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Short and sweet – if you introduce him to the kids after you’ve decided he’s the one, it’s to late.

At least that’s my opinion!

Having been a single mom most of my kids lives, I’ve had many people share their opinions and views on when to introduce guys to my kids. Most people believe you need to date for a while and determine if this person is long term material before making the introductions. I disagree!

Here’s why —

First of all, your kids are just as important in the decision making as you are – in fact, their views may be a little less biased than your own. They may recognize flaws or characteristics in the guy you may not see because you have such high hopes of hanging up your single and dating hat.

Secondly, if the guy and your kids don’t click, it might not be worth the heartache of getting involved – or at least you’ll be aware of the potential red flags going in so you can tread more carefully.

I’ve dated guys in the past that I introduce to my kids near the third date. We chose someplace public and fun so they could interact casually but still enough for me to determine whether or not I wanted to invest time and heart into growing the relationship.

What do you think? When do you think the kids should meet your potential love interest and what argument do you bring to support your belief?

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