Six Great Apps For Gardeners

gardening apps for your iPhone or iPad

If you have a garden and a smartphone, you’re in a great position for a good harvest! Just download a few different gardening apps, and your season will never be easier. Using a gardening app will help you to streamline the gardening process. You can keep track of everything for your garden in one place, and easily look up answers to any questions you have. Your crops or flowers will thank you for it! Here are some great gardening apps for you to try today. Download whichever ones you think will help you the most and best fit into your gardening style.

Garden Produce USA

With this app you can track all of your vegetables, fruits and herbs in one place. Add every crop you’re growing, including different varieties, and keep track of the date you planted them and how much you planted. You can mark if they were a success or not, and view a countdown of days until harvest time. You can add as many notes as you like to each crop, and even create a favorites list. There are other features as well, such as advice for soil preparation and ability to look up information on hundreds of plants. This app costs $4.99 (Get App Here)

Landscaper’s Companion

This app is one of the foremost reference guides for any plant gardener. It contains information on thousands of trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and all types of plants. Plants are separated by type, and information includes water and sun requirements and sizes. There are thousands of pictures and you can even add your own and create a list of favorite plants. You can even read about some common uses for the plants and any problems you might encounter with them. The cost is $4.99 (Get App Here)

Bugs and Insects

This app will help you identify all the bugs and insects that visit or feast on your garden. It has about 900 different bugs and insects, and you can read all about their characteristics. You can even save your “favorite” bug lists, and add your own notes to each bug. It costs $0.99 (Get App Here)

Pocket Garden

This is another app to keep track of everything you’re growing in your garden and when it’s harvest time. You can also get information on many different types of seeds, and read suggestions on how to grow your plants. You can learn about planting depth, spacing, watering and more. This app costs $0.99 (Get App Here)

Flower Pedia

If you are a flower gardener, this app help you identify and learn about almost 3000 different varieties of flowers. You can search for flowers in different areas of the country. You don’t need to be connected to the Internet to use this app. It will also let you share with your friends when you’ve spotted flowers on the go, and you can browse different places that others have found flowers in your community. It costs $4.99 (Get App Here)

Sprout It

This app will help the gardener learn about growing a vegetable garden. It will teach you how to plant and care for many different plants and vegetables, and lets you create a list of the ones you are interested in. You can track when your plants will be ready for harvest, and even create garden “to do” lists. (Get App Here)

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