Six Ideas To Please Your Lover On Your Anniversary

Love Love LoveAnniversaries are a time to remember unification of your relationship. They're also a chance to create new memories. Giving the perfect gift for your anniversary can be tough. You want your special someone to know how important and loved he or she is. Don't settle for ho-hum presents. These six gift-giving ideas are sure to please your lover on your special day.

1. Designer Jewelry

Who doesn't love a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry? Both men and women enjoy adorning themselves with gorgeous things. The key to gifting jewelry is to always seek quality. You don't have to blow your budget. Simply choose pieces that are well made and designed to last for years. Birthstones and engraved items are always a hit. Include your initials and anniversary date to personalize the piece.

2. The Gift of Experience

What do you give the person who has everything? A experience to remember! If your guy dreams of being a famous musician, sign him up for guitar lessons. If your lady loves to dance, pay for private ballroom lessons for both of you. The only limit is your imagination. When you give the gift of experience, you tap into your loved one's dreams and desires.

3. A Personalized Article of Clothing or Accessory

You probably know your lover's style better than anyone else. Does he love cufflinks? Does she look gorgeous in sundresses? Find a way to personalize an article of clothing or an accessory. Sites like Etsy are a great place to start. Sellers are often open to redesigning an existing item to fit your special someone. Choose colors, designs or fabrics that best suit your recipient. For accessories, a monogram adds a personal touch.

4. A Day Away From It All

Stress can take over our lives and weaken our relationships. Spend quality time together with a day away from it all. Gift a couples spa package or even a weekend road trip. This present will bring you two closer together, making it an excellent anniversary gift.

5. A Monthly Subscription Service

Sometimes being able to try new things is more fun than committing to one item. Subscription services offer monthly collections of everything from lingerie to vegan foods. You're bound to find something to suit your lover. This gift keeps on giving for months to come!

6. A Candlelit Dinner for Two

A romantic evening often includes dinner and drinks. Savoring a delicious meal with your loved one is an absolute pleasure. Craft a menu that includes an appetizer, entree and dessert. If you don't love to cook, ask your favorite restaurant if they offer personalized menus for special events. If the weather allows, an outdoor setting under the stars makes for a night to remember. This gift allows you to work within your budget. Whether you cook and dine at home or enjoy a chef's creations, you're sure to please your lover's taste buds and heart.

Don't forget to save these six anniversary gift ideas. You'll always have an idea ready to delight your lover. Incorporate a personal touch to suit each suggestion to your special someone's taste.

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