The Problem is with Radical Islamic Terrorists

I’ve been waiting for someone to secure our borders for a very long time, long before President Obama. Having an open border is a mistake, just watch Europe. If I have to go through fairly rigorous vetting to become a foster parent, people coming from hostile countries, or any country for that matter, should be properly vetted as well. There is nothing wrong with suspending entry into our country temporarily until we can figure out […] Read the Full Article »

Liberal Mayors Pledge to Protect Illegal Immigrants From President Trump

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio promised illegal immigrants living in New York City that they need not fear Donald Trump’s deportation plans. He plans to resist President Trump’s immigration policies at all costs, whatever that means. Now, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is echoing De Blasio’s declaration. Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Emanuel said Chicago will “always be a sanctuary city. To all those who are, after Tuesday’s election, very nervous and […] Read the Full Article »

What the Polls Revealed Last Week

A few days BEFORE Comey’s announcement, most 53% disagreed with the FBI’s decision in July not to indict Clinton for mishandling top secret information. While Clinton, Obama and legislators from both parties have criticized Comey’s announcement before the election, 60% of voters APPROVE of what he did. 60% of Likely Voters believe Clinton broke the law by sending and receiving e-mails containing classified information through a private e-mail server while serving as secretary of State. […] Read the Full Article »

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Plantation Politics

A few weeks ago, while watching Hillary’s America, a certain mention caught my attention. It portrayed Barack Obama as a child sitting in a Chicago, Hyde Park Barbershop called Smitty’s. The conversation of “Plantation politics” took place between he and Smitty. I did quite a bit of searching to try to find more information on that particular conversation when I happened on THIS BLOG POST “Obama To Poor Blacks – Stay Poor” written in 2009 […] Read the Full Article »

Michelle Obama Twitter Rumor – Strange Facts But Not Earth Shattering

This morning, I woke to a couple of messages from people asking if there was any truth to the hot rumor that’s gone somewhat viral about Michelle Obama, @FLOTUS unfollowing @HillaryClinton on Twitter and removing mentions of her back to 2013. Of course I would have loved for that to be true and that the story was moving in the direction that those who fall under the #ImWithHer hashtag were undergoing some sort of awakening […] Read the Full Article »