I Accept Donald Trump’s Apology

Isn’t it odd and amazing all that the same time how liberals have discovered the difference between right and wrong? They are just now tapping into the topic of morality and offended by the littlest thing being praised by lamestream media. Speaking of lamestream media, have you read the Wikileaks yet? There’s a lot of information in those Wikileaks. I hope it’s making you see things from another perspective. I also find it interesting and […] Read the Full Article »

What Makes Benghazi So Different Than Other Embassy Attacks and Why Hillary Is to Blame

This morning, a “friend of a friend” on Facebook commented on a post I made referencing Benghazi and all the research and reading I have been doing. Her comment reminded me SO MUCH of who I USED to be. Her Comment: “So tell me how pages of the investigations into the 13 attacked embassies and 60 USA citizens killed during the Bush Administration have you read? What were your findings in those? You know since […] Read the Full Article »

At This Point Mrs. Clinton – THIS IS the Difference It Makes and Why I Left the Democrat Party

  Here’s the thing… Hillary Clinton has spent 40+ years in the political sphere. During that time she has been groomed to become a typical, polished politician. In some cases, she knows what her voter base wants to hear, and she says it. She will say and do anything and everything to get elected. President Obama has said it, Bernie Sanders said it MANY TIMES, in 2004 Elizabeth Warren exposed her as a “phony.” A […] Read the Full Article »

Did Hillary Clinton Lie in Her Interview with Chris Wallace?

Hillary Clinton repeatedly denies a MAJOR part of her original statements regarding the Benghazi attack. In her recent interview with Chris Wallace, she DENIED telling family members that the attack was sparked by an anti-Islam video and that it was not an act of terrorism. Here is a bit of the narrative from the Chris Wallace interview along with the actual words from Hillary Clinton at Andrew’s Air Force Base the day the Benghazi victims […] Read the Full Article »