What snowflake Democrats and celebrities don’t want you to see

WHY are celebrities donating so much to Democrat politics when THIS is in their OWN back yard — IN a state that has been a lock for Democrats the last 30 years! In fact, the top 10 U.S. cities with the highest homeless rates (see images below) are DEMOCRAT LOCK cities in DEMOCRAT LOCK states! This video is Los Angeles, recorded August 3, 2017. Click Here to Watch Video THIS IS urban plantation at work […] Read the Full Article »

Hillary just wants to give everyone the same chance to be successful

Keep in mind, I used to be one who believed that statement. I used to be one who believed everyone deserves the same opportunities and that the government should do their part to make that happen. During my time as a Democrat, I really believed that socialism wasn’t about “giving” everyone the same thing, it’s giving everyone the same chance to be successful. Now, just for a minute, think about that statement. Repeat it a […] Read the Full Article »

Question from the Web: Why Do Conservatives Think They Own Christianity?

While visiting one of my favorite, social hangouts earlier today, I came across the question: Why do conservatives think they own Christianity? I’ve wondered that sometimes myself – although my version isn’t painted with such a wide brush. No one should categorize “all conservatives” or “all Christians” in to such small boxes. I thought about the question for a bit… my thoughts are: I’ve often joked, calling myself an "extreme moderate" because I easily fit, […] Read the Full Article »