The Ghost of Many Father’s Day’s Past from a Mom in The Only Parent Club

Yesterday was Father’s Day. A day, that for the last 22 years, has taken on a very different meaning for me, and one I tend to struggle with. It is a day reserved to recognize those men who are actually active participants in the lives of their children. Men who know the value of the little lives they helped create. One young mother, who is in a very similar position to the one I was […] Read the Full Article »

When Children are Stuck in the Middle of Divorced Parents

When my kids were little, it was very hard to not harbor resentment but I was determined to let my kids develop their own opinion. At Christmas time, especially, I see a lot of people using their kids as pawns. The long term damage that can have on a kid is very real. Just because 2 people can’t get along doesn’t give one the right to deny the other their own right to be a […] Read the Full Article »

Dysfunctional Relationships Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

The news of Granny Baer’s passing has caused me to pause and reflect on the real blessings in my life. I don’t expect everyone, or anyone for that matter, to understand the functional, dysfunctional family and life I live, but it’s what has worked for me and my kids. When I divorced, I broke marital ties with the man – I didn’t break ties with his family. That somewhat set the pattern for what my […] Read the Full Article »

How To Survive A Cheating So-And-So, With Or Without A Midlife Crisis

When a friend with a philandering husband first mentioned how helpful Gay Courter & Pat Gaudette’s How to Survive Your Husband’s Midlife Crisis: Strategies and Stories from The Midlife Wives Club had been for her, at first I was just happy for her to have some help during her situation. But the more she talked about the book — and the ease with which she went through the process of healing over the eventual loss […] Read the Full Article »

14 Signs It May Be Time to Call It Quits

Some relationships live way past their life expectancies. The problem is, how do you know you’re not throwing out a baby with that bathwater? This Lifehack post offers fourteen signs that it’s time to end it. For example, if you find that nothing you say or do makes your partner happy, then you should consider ending it. Additionally, if you find yourself setting deadlines for your relationship to get better, but those deadlines keep going […] Read the Full Article »