The Sacrifice of General Mike Flynn

To understand where General Mike Flynn is coming from, you have to look at his entire background with respect to his lengthy, successful and highly decorated military career and his political leanings. He is a registered Democrat with a long history of Democratic ties. Does that seem like someone who would normally be eager to join Donald Trump and his administration? No. So why did he do it? Let’s consider the Letter of the Law […] Read the Full Article »

Pirates to the Left of Me, Feds to the Right

First let’s flashback to 2009 – Gilberto Sanchez, the 49-year-old New York man who uploaded a copy of Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine to MegaUpload in March 2009, did so a full month before it hit theaters. Sanchez — was sentenced December 19, to a year in federal prison. Sanchez went on to promote the digital upload on other websites. Personally, I think he should have gotten much more time. Now, consider, for just […] Read the Full Article »