Fake News: House Republicans Vote to Make Abortion Unaffordable for Millions of Women

Twice, the House passed legislation banning the use of federal funds to pay for abortions, or to subsidize them through Obamacare and private insurance. The vote comes just three days after the highly publicized and emotionally charged women’s rights march following the inauguration of President Trump. This legislation would represent making the Hyde Amendment permanent. The Hyde Amendment is an appropriations rider that’s been extended every year since 1976. Though it is likely this legislation […] Read the Full Article »

Donald Trump Mocked a Reporter with a Disability – Or Did He?

The media got it SO wrong, BUT do you know WHY they force-feed this story? You’ll be very surprised! Even as much as I support Donald Trump, this is one of those stories that really bothered me. But, like everyone else, I was only getting a small bit of the whole story.   I’ll say it again, believe HALF what you see and NONE of what you hear – UNLESS you do extensive research and find […] Read the Full Article »

Donald Trump says the political system is rigged. Is it?

Click Here to Watch  My Opinion: It’s ALWAYS been rigged. We only see the corruption when the voters aren’t acting like trained puppies flocking to the candidate the establishment wants – their choice candidates who will protect their financial interest in DC. When congressional salary is an average of $175k per year, yet man of them are multi-millionaires, where do you think that’s coming from? Elected officials on Capital Hill are selling their souls to […] Read the Full Article »

Bobby Jindal: Donald Trump should serve as a wake-up call to the GOP

No longer in the race, Bobby Jindal has watched the political establishment attack and smear Trump… They have called Trump “racist,” “bigoted,” and even shared pictures from his wife’s modeling days. But Jindal has had enough! He has rejected the “Never Trump” movement, and made a bold announcement that he’s standing WITH Trump! “The GOP establishment is done for,” he said on MSNBC’s Meet the Press. “This race shows that.” Jindal believes Trump’s success is […] Read the Full Article »

Erick Erickson: I don’t give a damn about the will of the people

How do you like them apples? The fine, supportive, unifying words of Erick Erickson. I know you’re probably thinking “Who is this guy?” Well, Erick Erickson is a politically conservative American blogger at The Resurgent. He previously served as an editor-in-chief of the conservative political blog RedState and was a political contributor for CNN. He also happens to be the guy who has worn a red ass since late January when Donald Trump backed out […] Read the Full Article »