I Joined the ItWorks Skinny Wrap Craze! Results Forthcoming!

A few months ago, I saw a girl I know talking about the ItWorks wraps. She is a loyal customer and a believer in the product – but, she is not a distributor. That’s what got me intrigued to begin with. I quietly watched her comments and saw how many people would snap at the chance to purchase a single wrap when she got her next order. I began checking into the product a little […] Read the Full Article »

Surpahs Shiny Small Lightweight Digital Bathroom Scale

After a bathroom mishap that broke the digital read cover on our old scale, I was in the market for a new, updated model. After receiving my new Surpahs scale, I was glad to have the replacement. Going into winter, especially, we like to keep a close eye on the “winter wool” we pile on. This scale helps with that dreadful task. This scale is accurate and stable. It is lightweight and on appearance doesn't […] Read the Full Article »

Dealing with Environmental Allergies

The sure way to avoid an allergic reaction is to avoid the allergen. However when an allergen trigger is part of your environment, this is easier said than done. You find yourself staying indoors when you would prefer to be outside, or feeling miserable in your own home surrounded by your indoor allergens. While avoiding an allergen is a goal to strive for, there are other means, tips and tricks for handling those evil environmental […] Read the Full Article »

Chemical Hazards In The Home

Experts have tested the dust in people’s homes to see what toxic chemicals are covering the things we use every day. You would be shocked to realize that we are exposed to a lot of really awful chemicals without ever opening a bottle of cleaning product. Chemicals are used more and more in the manufacturing of products including children’s toys, carpeting and laminates, mattresses, computers, fabric covered furniture, plastics. Many of these chemicals are known […] Read the Full Article »