How I Wrap – Tips and Instructions for Maximum Results

I want you to experience the BEST results from your body wrapping experience so I put together this list of how I personally wrap and how I obtained unbelievable results with my first 3 wraps. Please read through these tips and follow them, every single one! Don’t skim over them or pick and choose what steps work best for you. You have invested your hard earned money in your wraps, so you want to make […] Read the Full Article »

Beware of The Bad Wrap

I've gotten asked about wraps being sold for deep discounts. There are ways to purchase outdated product and knockoff products online. If you find someone who is selling large amounts of wraps for low, low prices, you need to do a couple of things – 1) Check to see if they are a loyal customer or distributor. 2) check the lot number on the product. The first number is the year 4 – 4 is […] Read the Full Article »

Why I am a Believer in the Crazy Wrap Craze – Body Wrap Results

Yesterday, the day after my first wrap and armed with my own results, I messaged my cousin. I love her so much and know that she has struggled with different issues over the years. I wanted to share my excitement and let her feed from that excitement to find her own, new dose of optimism. I shared a couple of pictures of myself (seen on the left. That’s Day 1 – Wrap 1 and that’s […] Read the Full Article »