Charlottesville and the Corrupt DNC-Soros Playbook

Here are the vetted facts and what REALLY happened in Charlottesville, VA: (I am updating this post as REAL evidence and details are available — BE SURE TO FOLLOW COMMENTS SECTION OF THIS POST) People protesting the removal of our Confederate Monuments (American History) awarded a permit to protest at 10:00. Now, let’s not forget they had to take it to top Va State District Court to get their 1st Amendment right acknowledged and permit […] Read the Full Article »

Chris Quinn Accuses Donald Trump and Marco Rubio of Attending Anti-Gay Event in Florida

Last night while watching the Clinton News Network, Hillary Clinton supporter Christine Quinn and Donald Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany erupted on CNN over the Orlando shooter’s father sitting prominently behind Clinton at her Florida rally this week. McEnany said that “we cannot control how third parties support us,” but made the case that Mateen is with Clinton because of her “weak” policies on ISIS. McEnany had a massive grin for most of the segment, probably […] Read the Full Article »

Students Wear KKK-ish Outfits To School For Project

Four High School students wear Klan-like costumes for a history reenactment class project. The group walked around school with the white sheets and even went so far as to ask a black student if he wanted to take part in the filming reenactment of a lynching. Some students were said to be scared. The teacher says it was a bad decision. You think? Come on – it’s one thing to discuss the horrible acts of […] Read the Full Article »