From Brutal Torture, Murder and as Inmate #86G0206 to Liberal Saint

This morning, I read an article from a far right conservative website and my first instinct was it was too dramatic, too sensational and to horrific that it couldn’t possibly be true. I was wrong! Donna Hylton (Twitter), convicted murderer was listed among the speakers at The Women’s March on Washington last week. Donna Hylton, along with three men and three other women, kidnapped 60-year-old Thomas Vigliarolo then brutally and violently tortured him to death. […] Read the Full Article »

I was just bragging about how grown up my friends were, UNTIL I posted something Anti-Bernie

Over the last couple of weeks, I have repeatedly bragged on my friends and family about how grown up everyone was when it came to discussing politics. I have been quite vocal about my being a Trump Democrat and some of my friends and family have been vocal about their anti-Trump positions – still, we get along and we still love each other. No big deal really. Until today! Earlier today I shared a link […] Read the Full Article »