Charlottesville and the Corrupt DNC-Soros Playbook

Here are the vetted facts and what REALLY happened in Charlottesville, VA: (I am updating this post as REAL evidence and details are available — BE SURE TO FOLLOW COMMENTS SECTION OF THIS POST) People protesting the removal of our Confederate Monuments (American History) awarded a permit to protest at 10:00. Now, let’s not forget they had to take it to top Va State District Court to get their 1st Amendment right acknowledged and permit […] Read the Full Article »

Donald Trump Released Statement on His 2005 Comments About Women

Everyone under the sun has known from DAY ONE that Donald Trump is NOT a polished politician with refined words coated in layers of sugar. A large part of the popularity of Donald Trump is the fact that he calls political correctness exactly what it is… Bullshit! If you happen to be someone who is genuinely surprised that Donald Trump has said unsavory things, especially about attractive women, then you are a complete idiot. While […] Read the Full Article »