Taxpayers Should Not Have to Fund Sports Stadiums

I’ve always wondered why taxpayers had to carry the burden of funding sports stadiums. When the new stadium was built for the Colts, the taxes in the surrounding counties went up considerably.

Why should they?

Professional athletes make oodles of money to play their game. Many of them receive even more money from endorsements, speaking engagements, etc.

USA Today is reporting that a proposal by President Obama would put an end to taxpayers carrying those heavy burdens. I for one welcome this proposal.

Team owners and players are worth millions. They should be able to find a way to fund their own stadiums through other means such as food sales, concerts and conventions that can be hosted in said venue.

My own tax dollars have gone toward Lucas Oil, yet I have attended ONE game, ever in that stadium and it was a high school game.

The NFL especially makes enough money to build their own arenas – let them figure out how to get the job done. I could care less where they play or how nice the conditions are in which they play.

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