The boyfriend/girlfriend application

As I make my re-entry into the single scene, websites and products targeting singles tend to catch my eye a bit more than they used to. One that caught my eye was The Boyfriend and Girlfriend Applications.

Everyone is invited to download and printout the application form and use them to their heart’s content. Saves you time and money, right? Instead of an endless chain of first dates or dating for several weeks to get enough info on the other person to determine whether the relationship is worth pursuing, you’ll achieve it with one simple request. Talk about efficient.

The application is so thorough, it will require you to list your Relationship Background and possible References! Talk about a game plan!

If for no other reason, take a look through it even when you’re not at all interested in perusing it – at the very least you’ll be amused. And if any of you have used it, can you tell me if it works?

Girlfriend Application

Boyfriend Application

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