The Human Cost of Immigration

While legal immigrants and illegal aliens come to America in pursuit of “a better life,” there are millions of those same foreigners who are decidedly harming the quality of life for many American’s, from those who have been displaced in their jobs by low-cost immigrant workers to taxpayers paying for endless infrastructure and services; students suffering a deficiency in education in radically “diverse” classrooms, and crime victims who have suffered at the hands of law abusing aliens in this country.

Immigrations Human Cost, a website that focused on the fact that illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. It seems their efforts have halted in recent years, but they are providing a service of keeping their efforts alive.

I encourage you to visit Immigrations Human Cost – read the heartbreaking stories, and see the faces that have become the sacrificial lambs for our Governments attempts to create a multicultural society in which they ignore the truest impact of illegal immigration.

If you are aware of stories that fit with this topic, please leave the link in the comments section below. The real victims of illegal immigration deserve to be recognized as much, and as often as possible.

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