The Media Push to Create More Victim Voters for Hillary Clinton

Anderson Cooper recently shared a clip of ten women supporters who are standing by Donald Trump. The question was asked, “how many of you are willing to write this off as locker room banter?”

anderson cooper women support trump after trump tapes

All ten raised their hand.

Amy Hillcock, just one of the participants commented that she grew up with two brothers in a military family and that she has seen and heard things much worse. She admits the “word” was derogatory and she does wish he would have said it a different way, but like many other not-so-offended women, she realizes he was speaking in a private conversation with another man.

After listening to the 24/7 coverage of the Trump tape and his comments, I have come to the conclusion that there is a BIG difference between those who are so deeply offended that they can’t give it a rest and those who are not nearly as offended as Hillary had hope we would be.

The Difference Between The Offended and the Non-Offended 

The BIG difference IS – those who are offended and taking the Trump tape WAY too personal have the victim/entitlement mindset. They are locked into a comfortable and convenient position as pawns of a party that segregates and labels everyone!

It’s so much easier to sale the promise of hope and change to victims and the best way to create victims is to categorize them and give them a label.

Those who are NOT offended are confident, ambitious and accountable for their own actions and reactions.

Who Should Be Offended By the Trump Tapes?

The women in the interview group realize this was a private conversation. The ONLY TWO people who should be so offended by this that they don’t let it go, for days, and days, is Melania and Nancy! That’s it!

Democrats primary goal is to run a successful scam by keeping people living under a veil of labels, as victims – poor, weak and dependent on the government for entitlements and “safe spaces.” It’s through this scam that they “organically” grow and secure their voter base.

I Was a Victim

I was a loyal, labeled victim of the Democrats until July 2015. Once my eyes were opened to their scam and bias when Kate Steinle was murdered, I have not been able to stop seeing or un-see their tactics. Their “games” are so obvious, everywhere now.

But Bill Isn’t Running for President

Many people like to bring up all the crimes and actions of Bill Clinton to which the media quickly points out that Bill isn’t running for President.

I completely agree!

Bill isn’t running for President and his actions shouldn’t be a factor nearly as much as people are trying to make it.

What IS a factor though, is HOW Hillary treated the victims of Bill’s assaults. “Bimbo eruptions.” “I would crucify her.” “We have to destroy her story.” These are just some of the things said and done by Hillary Clinton to undermine those who accused her husband of assault.

I could go on and on about that, by why reinvent the wheel? You can read more about the Hillary attacks here.

Another argument Hillary supporters or those in the anti-Trump camp like to present is…

What about our daughters, wives, mothers and sisters?

Well, the answer is simple! Raise them or teach them to be confident and to take responsibility for their own actions and reactions.

Not long after my divorce, I began working in a local “redneck” bar. It was at that bar that I found my backbone.

Response & Reaction 

One evening while standing at the waitress station that was just inside the front door, a man walked up behind me, threw a $5 bill in front of me and grabbed a handful of my ass. Because of the confidence the bar owner had instilled in me, I instantly picked up the money, wadded it in my hand, punched the guy in the nose, shoved him out the door while throwing the money back at him and told him it was at least worth a $20.

I could have easily fallen into the roll of victim but I didn’t. I took complete control of the situation and handled it as any confident woman should.

I Was Assaulted and Became His Victim

Several years before, while working at a major pharmaceutical company, I was assaulted by a scientist from Pakistan. I reported it to human resources, he admitted his actions, I was moved from that department and eventually pushed out of my job. As long as I was there, he could not be promoted. I fell victim to that incident. I could have sued and lived a very posh life thereafter, but I coward into the roll of victim. I was in my early twenties at the time and didn’t know any better.

That incident left a major scar that caused me problems for several years. I returned to the roll of victim several times, in abusive and neglectful relationships.

It wasn’t until I worked at that redneck bar that I learned the value and power of confidence.

Rather than whine and cry about the actions of others, take responsibility for your own response or reaction. It really is that simple.

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