The right to bare arms, legs and other body parts


Americans are far more squeamish about public nudity than Europeans. Even a toddler running naked on the beach attracts disapproving frowns. No federal law bars public nudity, but plenty of state and local rules do. Last summer, for example, New York began enforcing a state law banning public nudity, nixing the state’s last remaining nudist haunt on Fire Island. Now, only a handful of beaches in America officially allow folks to bob away in the buff.

Yet as National Nude Recreation Week began on July 7th, American naturists are grinning and baring it. Tourism by the tan-line-averse generates more than $440m a year, according to the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). Early nudists may have been happy gathering at campsites, but today they like to be pampered. Full Article

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