The World Got Trolled and Hillary Went Back to Bed

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Wikileaks NEVER promised an October Surprise, at least not today!

While Julian Assange does have several documents that will be leaked over the next several weeks, with an intense focus on release prior to the U.S. Elections – today was nothing more than a 10 Year WikiLeaks Anniversary Press Conference.

Had I KNOWN (and from the sounds of it, 60,000 other people who tuned in) people like Alex Jones and Roger Stone had taken a vague tweet and built a HUGE hype around it, without supporting proof, I would have slept until my usual 5 AM.

Under normal circumstances, I take any and all information from Alex and Roger with a grain of salt. They are nut jobs who report mostly false, mostly dramatized information based on a pebble of truth. There have been several times, dating back to February 2016, that I have refused to believe their reporting. While I do believe some of their reports have basis, I realize they are in the biz of conspiracy and always dig deeper to validate or disprove their reports.

When it came to the Wikileaks press conference, I was under the impression that Alex Jones was simply hosting the live feed. Now, I know they were hosting it in hopes that all the hype they built around the supposed information release would come to fruition and they would be the one breaking the news.

Immediately following the press conference, I launched my own tweets in disgust calling for the #MassExit and #Unfollow of @RealAlexJones, @RogerJStoneJr and @infowars – they are not worth the time nor energy to follow their delusional rants. Which by the way, I have NEVER followed them.  

Granted, there are several people who believe Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Clinton Foundation (otherwise known as The Clinton Mafia) perhaps got to Julian Assange with a payoff or threat. Which is probable, but I can’t or won’t say. I have no real opinion on that rumor.

From this point I will not participate in the #OctoberSurprise gossip and will NOT be listening to anyone who considers Alex Jones or InfoWars to be a reliable news source.

That’s not to say Julian Assange does not have more damaging information up his sleeve. He did comment near the end of this Anniversary, self-congratulatory press conference that WikiLeaks does plan to release documents over the next ten weeks, with a key focus on information pertaining to the U.S. elections to be release prior to the 8th of November. Other documents pertain to Google, arms trading, war, oil, and mass surveillance.

“There is enormous expectation in the United States,” Assange said of the upcoming leaks. “Some of that expectation will be partly answered; but you should understand that if we’re going to make a major publication in relation to the United States at a particular hour, we don’t do it at 3AM.”

Do you hear that Alex Jones?

As a dedicated seeker of truth, I will do my best to research, verify and present real information. I will be keeping watch on Wikileaks for the release of documents and will share that news as it comes available. I am sorely disappointed that so many were trolled and I’m even more furious that crackpot Alex Jones was at the root and somehow I missed that part.

Fool me once…

Won’t happen again!

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