This WAS the year of the angry voter

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ANGRY ABOUT THE RESULT OF THE ELECTION? Well join the REST of America! This WAS the year of the angry voter.

The media focused on the agenda they were TOLD to focus on and overlooked REALITY and it backfired on them. Your choice candidate LOST because YOU listened to the media!

Wikileaks revealed the polls were OVER-SAMPLED. The media focused so much on pushing the fudged numbers and counted on the voters believing them and voting like the obedient voters they thought them to be. 

Voters AGAINST Trump listened to the media and thought Hillary would win so fewer people took the time to register, check their registration and even be bothered with taking the time to get out and vote.

Trump VOTERS listened and followed through on registering, checking their registration and doing whatever it took to go vote because they saw her leading the polls and fought hard against it.

The thing about the elections is EVERY VOTE MATTERS – EVERY VOTE IS OF EQUAL POWER if you reside in one of the states where Donald Trump won the electoral vote and you are unhappy with the result, you have NO ONE TO BLAME but yourself. If you did vote, you should have done more! You should have talked to friends and family, you should have pushed them to register, to check their registration and you should have made sure they made it to the polls – whether offering a ride or helping them find their polling places.

Now, you have TWO choices – you can either go forward with a positive outlook and do your part toward improving America OR you can stay in your VICTIM mental state and hope the victim mentality survives (and grows) to the point that people who prefer to be segregated and divided rather than UNIFIED will cast a stronger vote and win back a White House that will continue Plantation Politics and that gives you a FREE PASS to get out of taking responsibility for YOUR OWN LIFE AND ACTIONS! (Great U. of Dayton site that focused on race and racism in the 2008 election – well worth reading)

I KNOW owning your choices and the consequences is hard for a lot of people – but for the next 4 years, hopefully 8, you are going to have to get used to it! This will be the theme YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE BECAUSE OF CHOICES YOU MAKE. YOU NOW HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME OR THANK BUT YOURSELF.

It really is a GREAT place to be! Trust me, I think you’ll like it!

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