Tips to Keep Nude Photos from Leaking on the Internet

Over the last couple of days, there has been a lot of talk about celebrities who have had their personal, nude photos leaked on the Internet by hackers who were able to infiltrate their accounts, gaining access to the collections of nudies.

Personally, I am of the belief that if you don’t want something shared, leaked, copied or stolen on the Internet, don’t store it on anything electronic or digital.

Simple enough, right?

Some have compared opinions like mine to online banking and that they have never heard anyone say “don’t use debit cards or online banking or you’ll get hacked.”

Well, actually, I HAVE encouraged people to use small, hometown type bank branches instead of mega banks, because hackers want more money and more accounts for their efforts.

I also encourage people to ALWAYS clear/cancel transactions after using an ATM or Pay-at-the-Pump card readers. My stepdad had his identity stolen that way.

So here is my advice – IF YOU MUST take nude photos, store them and protect them in a way that only you have access. The OLD Fashioned way – with a Polaroid Instant Camera and a Fire-Safe Lock Box.

Problem Solved!

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