To Tell Or Not To Tell?

Question from a Reader asking for the advice:

I have a close personal friend who has grown so serious over a certain girl that he’s considering proposing to her soon. I’d hoped he would find out on his own that she has cheated on him several times. That doesn’t seem to be the case and I’m afraid he’s going to get even deeper in something that will end up hurting him much worse.

Should I tell him what I know?

I’ve actually been in a similar situation before and opted to go to the significant other first asking that they not place you in the position of having to tell. Let the S.O. know that one way or the other, your friend will find out about the escapades on the side and he’d probably take it much better from his S.O. then from a friend.

Honesty is always the best approach and when a partner unveils something so painfully and brutally honest, it says a lot for their character.

Perhaps the couple had an agreement held privately that they were seeing other people?

There could be any number of reasons and rather than being the one caught with the egg on your face, try going to the S.O. first.

Anyone else have a better idea?

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