Traci Nobles – No Regrets, No Apology, Christian Youth Org Stands Behind Sexting Cheerleading Coach? WTF?!?!

Watching Traci Nobles on Today. This is completely repulsive.

She knew Wiener was married – but claims they never went into personal discussions.

Traci acts as though she was at least respectful of Huma in that way.

She says no regrets

She won’t offer up an apology “it is what it is.”

When asked what she would say to his wife – she said she doesn’t like to think about that. She was flattered at the time.

When asked if she was embarrassed, she said she didn’t regret it.

Women like this make me ill!

She went on to state she wants the world to know she’s a good person?!?!

Good “Christian” people don’t engage in activities with the spouses of other people in a way they KNOW God would disapprove.

Huma should take him to the cleaners!

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