True Story: I drove 10 hours for our first kiss

Shoshaunna and Mark’s success story

I’ll admit I was reluctant to try online dating from the start. Of the hundreds of profiles/emails I received, I responded to just one — Mark’s. His profile spoke volumes to me.

We emailed and phoned one another for the last month I was living in D.C. before moving back home to Louisville, and let me tell you, it was the longest month before we actually met.

I drove ten and a half hours in horrid weather to get home, but I would’ve driven a hundred more. After I arrived, I was walking out to get something from my car, and we saw one another immediately. Our eyes met, we came together, and without uttering a word, he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me softly on the lips before our first word of hello. We haven’t been apart one day since.

Mark is truly a diamond in the rough; he’s witty, smart and always sees the bright side of things. We got "officially" engaged on our 8-month anniversary; Mark proposed to me while I was cooking dinner in our kitchen. It was a beautiful moment, and of course I said yes. We were married September 27.

I would recommend to anyone; it’s a great way to meet your "other half." Online, you’re more uninhibited about yourself and can get to know a person faster and better because you are sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone before actually physically meeting them. You feel less self-conscious and end up sharing the real you with that person, not trying to be something you’re not. People say we’re perfectly matched, and because of our success, others are trying it.

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