Trump Assault Victim or Just a VERY Loyal Friend to Hillary? You Decide

My friend Angela shared this image that shows a lot of connections between the “fake victim” of Trump and Hillary Clinton. Naturally I like to jump in and do my own research. In as little as 10 minutes, I was able to take information from this image, track down and verify some, while uncovering further PROOF of a lengthy, and obviously LOYAL “friendship” – How’s this for dirty politics? I didn’t want to devote too much time to this because there are just too many CNN and Hillary Lies to tackle.

trump victim

Here’s what I found…

Alleged Victim, Jessica Leeds is the Director, Altrusa International of New York a service organization that champions a lot of the same causes that Hillary Clinton supports. Leeds claims Trump sexually assaulted her on an commercial airplane 35 years ago.

At one time, maybe even now, HALF of the Club Officers at Altrusa USA are DIRECTLY linked to Hillary Clinton campaign.

Hillary fake trump victims exhibit 2

Board member Diane Daniels was working for the “Ready for Hillary” SuperPAC in 2014.

Diane Daniels Ready for Hillary

Julie Kleszczewski is a former Director at the New York Chapter of Altrusa USA and she a close associate of Jessica Leeds. She appears to be friends with Hillary Clinton. And is the mother of another past President, Catherine Kleszczewski – shown in the pictures below.

Kleszczewski was a volunteer for Hillary during her 2008 Presidential campaign and recently posted a photo with Hillary at the 2016 American Legion Auxiliary Convention in Cincinnati where she mentions having met Clinton “again.”

Julie Kleszczewski

Hillary fake trump victims exhibit 2

Hillary fake trump victims exhibit 3

There you have it. While it does not disprove Leed’s claim, it does make one wonder about the timing of this claim and just what goes on in the minds of loyal Hillary supporters. Just how far ARE they willing to go to help her win?

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