Ways to Share a Health Secret

Dating someone new is all about learning each other’s quirks and uncovering any emotional baggage that is being carried. But when should you reveal a health issue like diabetes or a skin condition?

Here are a few tips on sharing those little secrets without scaring your date away:

Practice what you want to say – Before you have any talk, rehearse your speech in the mirror and then on a trusted friend. Take their feedback and adjust your talk accordingly.

Never ever tell on the first date – Sharing something so intimate and private on a first date can’t possibly have a favorable outcome

Be casual and confident – By not making a big deal of it and by sharing in a confident manner – your date will feel more confident in receiving the talk

Location, location, location – By selecting a neutral zone such as a coffee shop or snack shop, you are placing the person in a comfortable setting where they won’t feel as though they’re being held as a captive audience.

Have you ever shared a secret with your date? How did you tell them and how did it go?

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