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Once in a while, that urge hits! The desire to make things fresh, unique, and all your own. Decorating and remodeling can be fun, challenging, and very rewarding projects to take on.

It’s often a lack of inspiration, or funds, that keep people from taking the plunge and moving forward with their own DIY projects. Don’t let that stop you!

If the hardest part is finding the inspiration, and you can’t find what you are looking for on Pinterest (as if) here are some of my favorite websites for finding DIY design ideas.

The DIY Network is perhaps the best resource available for DIY home improvement. It offers a wealth of ideas and thorough instruction for kitchen design, and it has hundreds of projects in every category including kitchen lighting, cabinets, remodeling, and countertops (and more!). From installing kitchen cabinet crown molding, to under-countertop lighting, there is no shortage of ideas here for every style and skill level. Just about every idea has a how-to video that will show you how it’s done.

Better Homes and Gardens has a great website with design and improvement ideas for every room of your home, and it includes a complete guide to remodeling your kitchen that will detail the entire process for you. It includes backsplash ideas, kid-friendly design ideas, color scheme ideas, storage solutions, and much more. DIY projects range from painting to furniture makeovers and complete remodels. A photo gallery will also provides inspiration and ideas to help you design your dream kitchen.

Apartment Therapy is a very chic, modern website that will bring you all the newest, trendiest, and coolest design ideas. Get inspiration from the great photographs and blog entries, and browse the DIY section for lots of fun projects. With a focus on style and function, this website also gives a lot of ideas for upcycling and repurposing materials. The Kitchn is the section of the website dedicated to all things kitchens. It’s a great resource for DIY projects, and also includes amazing recipes and cooking techniques.

Just about anything you could want to do to your kitchen, you can find help for on the Family Handyman website. There are DIY kitchen projects including lighting, plumbing, sinks, countertops, repairs, tile, and much more. It includes many projects to help you spruce up your kitchen design and function, such as installing a new vent hood over your stove and shelves above your cabinets. This website also features DIY information for every room of your home.

The HGTV website is another amazing resource for DIY kitchen ideas. It has sections on countertops, backsplashes, color, small kitchens, fantasy kitchens, and more. There are DIY projects for every skill level, from large projects to very small ones that take little time to complete. Projects include grain sack barstool cushions, a family message center, and a glass tile backsplash. There is also a kitchen style guide that will help you pick the style that’s right for you, along with hundreds of inspiration photos.

Where do you find your inspiration for DIY projects around the home?

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