What the Polls Revealed Last Week


A few days BEFORE Comey’s announcement, most 53% disagreed with the FBI’s decision in July not to indict Clinton for mishandling top secret information.

While Clinton, Obama and legislators from both parties have criticized Comey’s announcement before the election, 60% of voters APPROVE of what he did.

60% of Likely Voters believe Clinton broke the law by sending and receiving e-mails containing classified information through a private e-mail server while serving as secretary of State.

77% of Republicans and 73% of all voters couldn’t care less that President George H.W. Bush said he would vote for Clinton.

70% of Clinton voters say they’d rather vote for Obama if they could.

1,000 likely Voters polled, overwhelmingly WANT changes in Obamacare, with MORE voters calling for its outright repeal.

66% of voters favor Trump’s proposal to REPEAL Obamacare and allow employers and individuals to buy health insurance across state lines.

57% of voters DISAPPROVE Clinton calling for increased federal subsidies to help those who purchased their health insurance through Obamacare exchanges pay the higher premiums.

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