When is it cheating?


Anyone who has ever been involved in a relationship with someone and not married has wondered about infidelity and at what level does interaction with others become cheating.

The definition of infidelity in the dictionary is: "marital unfaithfulness or an instant of it."

Certainly cheating can and often does occur outside the marital bond, right?

I believe cheating occurs when two people make a promise to each other be committed to the relationship between them.

It’s most important that both parties agree to be faithful. In early stages of relationship, some people assume the other person is not having sex or even relations with anyone else because they are having sex and developing a relationship. Many hearts have been broken and souls jaded with this assumption.

Communication is key. It is important that you and your partner discuss your personal expectations within your own relationship. Typically, people recommend this happen when the relationship becomes sexual. I agree! I think it’s important that if you are having sex that you know your true risk.

Also it’s important to discuss what cheating means to you. Is it cheating to flirt? Is it cheating to kiss another? Is cyber-flirting or people shopping via dating sites cheating?

A solid rule of thumb that was suggested to me early on in my single and dating life was “if you participate in something that you must keep secret from your partner because it will make them angry or hurt them, it’s wrong.” The same can hold true for what it means to cheat.

Does your significant other share your views on cheating and infidelity?

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