Where I Draw the Line on Equal Rights

As an observer of a recent discussion on the topic of feminism, I found myself pondering just how much I support or stand against feminism.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for equal pay for equal work. I’m all for a woman’s right to vote and I stand firm in that a woman has a right to choose. What’s between a woman and her God is just that.

I do believe, however, there is a time when women should be women and men should be men.

If I were in a burning building trapped under a beam with a broken leg – I sure as heck don’t want some 115 lb. sheman wannabe coming after me. I want a stealth 190 lb. fit man with super strong arms coming after me. Not because he’d be nicer to look at, but because he could move the beam and carry me out.

Same goes for the police – If I have a fluffy kinda guy picking a fight with me or harassing me in any way and I call 911, I want them to send someone with a strong intimidation factor that’s based on strength and appearance, not some mini-chick with a taser who may have a severe case of PMS.

I believe feminism and equal rights should be drawn at the brains. Men and women can compete equally when it comes to brain power – but in strength and virility women just cannot compete.

I love being a girlie-girl. I love being a mother and I’ve even loved being a wife – though I sucked at choosing husband material and ended up divorced a couple’a times, it doesn’t change the fact that I am naturally nurturing. I love caring for my family – cooking, keeping a clean house and getting a manicure now and again. Feminist groups seem to make being a girlie-girl more and more difficult because it’s almost as if we are shamed for admiring the ways of June Cleaver or Harriet Nelson.

I know everyone has a solid opinion on this – and I respect yours, so feel free to share it.

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