Why I am a Believer in the Crazy Wrap Craze – Body Wrap Results

7 hours - 1 wrap - Gayla Taylor - gaylataylor.myitworks.comYesterday, the day after my first wrap and armed with my own results, I messaged my cousin. I love her so much and know that she has struggled with different issues over the years. I wanted to share my excitement and let her feed from that excitement to find her own, new dose of optimism.

I shared a couple of pictures of myself (seen on the left. That’s Day 1 – Wrap 1 and that’s the difference SEVEN Hours made) and of another girl in the ItWorks fold that inspired me beyond all that is imaginable. And, I swear on all that is holy and on my children’s health that I did not suck-it-in and I did not alter the pictures. If I were going to alter them, I’d have made myself skinnier!

During our conversation – we both tapped into our more “logical” side and discussed how we have always KNOWN there had to be a way to force the toxic buildup from within the fat cells in our bodies as we have both believed that exercise is good and healthy, but let’s face it, in the world of today, everyone is so hurried, there are so many things to remember and so many things that have to be done – we don’t always take the time we should to focus on a healthier lifestyle – at least not in the way that would require visiting the gym for an hour a day or three.

That’s exactly what I believe this wrap does. It distributes a special blend of botanicals in through the skin and into the fat cells in a way that breaks them down, easily. Couple the wrap with drinking lots of water and it just makes sense that those toxins will be flushed from your body. Itworks distributor - Indiana - Gayla Taylor

I have been SO curious about this product for quite a while and read lots of reviews and experiences – but we all know how those reviews tend to go. Many of them are designed for the sales pitch.

Today, two days after my first wrap and I know why everyone is so excited about this product line. I know that it delivers results and I know that those who are so pumped up about it aren’t just selling a product – they are living on a level of excitement that they want to share with the world.

Just as negativity is infectious, so is POSITIVITY! That’s what this is all about. Positive results that can be, and ARE infectious.

If you have been curious about all those crazy people talking about the ItWorks products – it’s because it does work and it’s because they want the world around them to be happy and healthier too.

I went from being a skeptic a few months ago – to being a believer and now I am so excited about ItWorks that I signed up as a distributor too. If you are the least bit curious – please ask me anything! I want to share my excitement with you and have you try the products then share your results and excitement with ME!

That’s how this works!

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