Women who regularly have satisfying sex have more energy and suffer fewer illnesses

According to a team from the Women’s Health program in Australia, females who rate their sex lives highly have more energy and an overall better psychological outlook than those who have sex less than twice a month.

Researchers analyzed sex lives of almost 300 females aged from 20 to 65 to reach the conclusion.

Lead researcher Dr Sonia Davison, said "We found that women who were sexually dissatisfied had lower well-being and vitality.

"This finding highlights the importance of addressing these areas as an essential part of healthcare, because women may be uncomfortable discussing these issues with their doctor."

As over 90 percent of women in the study reported their sexual activity involved a partner, and was initiated by the partner at least 50 percent of the time.

Sexual medicine expert Dr Irwin Goldstein said: "This emphasizes the role and importance of sexual health in women’s overall health and well-being."

The study has been published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

So now I’m thinking every time I hear a woman say she’s sick, not feeling well or is lacking energy – I’m going to think “I know what you’ve not been doing!”

While on the flip side of that thought – well, I won’t even go there!

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