Would you know if your repairman was a molester?


The sex offender list only alerts to a fraction of offenders. MugWatch.org provides information on arrests & those awaiting trial/sentencing. Once bonded – offenders are free, living as normal, often dragging their case out for years.

Don’t you want to know if your repairman is a molester? Now you can!

How many times have you opened the door to a repairman? A salesman? or attended a community function with a molester or rapist? The statistics may surprise you!

MugWatch.org is a labor of love, designed to track arrests and mugshots of sex offenders so they won’t be flying under the radar while they drag out their judgment day!

Have you noticed how often you will hear of an arrest, then forget it until the sex offender reappears in the news YEARS later when they actually go to trial?

Have you ever thought about what those offenders are doing in the meantime?

Most of them are enjoying the fact that once their name drops off the primetime news, they go on living their lives as normal. There is no stigma lurking over their heads as they enter their local markets or attend community functions. They aren’t concerned about who may know who they are and what they have done.

I hope those days are over.

MugWatch.org has a website and a Facebook page designed to keep people in the know of what violent offenders are living among them.

As a community effort, your tips and alerts are requested. Email arrest news clippings to Tips@MugWatch.org and sign up for the feed or Facebook page to stay on top of the arrests in your area.

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