Yes, I pitched my idea for a reality television show – Deadbeat Rehab

In late 2011, after watching a few episodes of some of the “hot” reality television shows, I had an idea pop in my head that I’ve always felt would be a big hit. I don’t know if it’s just me and my situation, but it seems the most popular shows have a villain, a victim, someone you love to hate, someone you love and a positive outcome. My idea has that and then some. In fact, I shared the concept in February 2012, with the second wife of my ex-husband (who has since joined the ex-wives club).

My idea/concept for a reality show is “Deadbeat Rehab.” The show would include interviews with deadbeat parents, their families, friends and children.

Producers would dig into the lifestyle of the deadbeat and expose the reasons they have for not paying child support. Through show sponsors, the deadbeat would have their child support arrears paid and obtain training and assistance to get on their feet to continue paying their obligations.

The show would give the children and custodial parent a “voice” they normally don’t have, as it pertains to the deadbeat.

The overall concept would help provide relief for neglected children, overburdened caregivers, ease the burden on fellow taxpayers and help the deadbeat move in the right direction with their children and finances.

You see, I have been captive in a system that is severely broken for nearly 2 decades. My boys are grown, but a LARGE child support arrearage still exists ($29,777.68 to be exact). I have experienced the limited capabilities of the court system. In many cases deadbeats remain irresponsible while their children are cared for by an overworked parent and in many cases, with the financial help of their fellow taxpayers. In my particular case, it’s been like a lottery. Depending on what county he is arrested in determines what “babymama” gets paid. Even though my case is the oldest, with the longest standing violations, if he is arrested in a county where a newer warrant exists, that mother will get her slice of the pie first.

Yes, I am filled with anger over a woman who purposely got pregnant by a very irresponsible man ON FATHER’S DAY weekend while he was avoiding the children he already had. It wasn’t enough that she started out EIGHT years ago, stealing time and money from my children – the courts continue to allow my children to be pushed further down the line of importance.

Forgiveness is not a strong point of mine – I find it very hard to forget how heartbroken my children were when their father didn’t show up on Father’s Day, to get the gift they had worked hard to buy for him. I feel bad for the children she has, and hope that one day they can have a relationship with their siblings – but I cannot sympathize with a woman who hooked up with a man, knowing he was being less of a father to his children and then expect him to be a “father” to hers.

I just don’t have that in me.

In an attempt to channel that negative energy and focus, I have put together a reality television pitch. Whether or not it goes anywhere, it is serving a great purpose for venting anger right now.

I have pitched my idea in three different places. Since I am totally new to this and have NO idea what I am doing – this is my attempt at claiming my idea as my own, original idea.

I am quite certain the deadbeat in my life would be eager to sign on just to get all his child support paid – how about you? Do you have a deadbeat that would sign on to be interviewed and documented if it meant they would be brought current in their debts?

If you owe a lot of child support and are looking for help, would you consider going on such a show?

Finally, what do you think of the concept? Do you think it has reality appeal?

If anything comes of it – you, my readers, will be the first to know! Say a little prayer for me – would ya?

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