7 Different Uses for a Melon Baller

This handy little kitchen gadget is called a melon baller. The original intention was, as the name says, scoop and ball melon’s. Savvy homemaker’s usually find a variety of uses for just about any gadget, including the melon baller. Here is a list of other things you can do with it:

Cantaloupe - Melon Balls

1. Use a melon baller when preparing an apple. Scoop out the top and the bottom before slicing the apple in half. Then scoop out the core using the baller.

2. Scoop balls of ice cream to fancy-up any dessert.

3. Make decorative balls of butter for guests.

4. Remove seeds from small, halved tomatoes.

5. Carve balls out of other fruits (strawberries, watermelon) for garnishes.

6. Scrape the seeds and stringy goop from a halved squash.

7. Cut a hot pepper in half then remove the seeds and ribs using a melon baller.

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