gayla taylorNot Before Coffee was created as a refuge for me to pen my thoughts and opinions on the all those topics my grandma told me to never discuss at the dinner table – or anywhere for that matter. Things like politics, religion and life in general.

“You have NO idea who you are dealing with when challenging Gayla! She will absolutely bury you in FACTS, stats, and proof!” ~ Dee Wools

I recently appeared on Fox & Friends and on Fox Business Channel on Risk and Reward. You can watch my interviews here

Me in a nutshell…

I’ve loved, been loved.

I’ve hurt, and been hurt.

I believe it’s better to DIVORCE then to stay in a miserable marriage. Been there a couple’a times. Not proud of the failed marriages – but I’m very proud of myself for having the strength to get out of situations that were beyond painful and frightening.

Mean people suck!

I never knew real love until I became a mom.

It took me 42 years to find the one man who made me believe in love at first site and in soulmates.

I have won contests with my writing, so technically, I am an award winning author. I take my blessings where I can get them.

I’ve broken the law sort of, and was arrested once. (20 years later – it’s really a funny story. I really should share that sometime.)

I like to LAUGH, though a good cry once in a while is quite soul cleansing.

I don’t think too much about myself and often think TOO much about others.

I sometimes WORRY just for the sake of worrying – it’s what I do best.

I don’t think people will burn in hell for smoking – they just smell like they are. SO glad I quit!

I enjoy a nice cold bottle of beer once in a while.

I’ve dated sports figures and an actor but MUCH prefer the simple life. It was fun while it lasted, but I love my life! I prefer to be RICH in spirit!

My FAITH is STRONG and always changing, but it is MINE to nurture and develop – NOT YOURS.

I believe in right and wrong, but have lived ENOUGH to know there’s a whole lotta GRAY.

I believe MY BIBLE when it says to find my OWN salvation. Thank you very much!

I don’t believe in financially supporting fancy churches that require utilities 7 days a week for a building that’s used only 2 days per week. See: 1 Peter 5:6 – Humble yourselves, therefore, under the might hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you. Humble does not equate to $100k building when people are hungry and suffering.

I believe animals are God’s creatures and should be cared for AND respected.

I don’t believe I HAVE to attend church every Sunday to be blessed by God. My life is proof that this is true! I have been BLESSED so many times!

I believe TRUE Christians can preach a better sermon with their LIVES then with their LIPS.

I know more *MEAN* Christians then I know *MEAN* sinners. Why is that?

I believe MY Bible when it commands me to “judge not!” If a person is gay, that’s between them and THEIR God and it’s NONE. OF. MY. Business! AND I do believe MY God wants me to love them anyway!

I believe if women aren’t given the CHOICE they will find a way to CHOOSE anyway.

I don’t believe the U.S. should FORCE democracy down the throats of countries where over half their population doesn’t want us there.

I believe ALL Americans should have health care.

I believe judges and lawyers should start telling people when a lawsuit is STUPID instead of proceeding for the sake of the almighty dollar.

I believe in free speech – but believe CONSIDERATION should always be CONSIDERED and ENFORCED!

Just because you CAN say something – doesn’t always mean you SHOULD!

I believe parents should TEACH their kids better manners.

I believe PADDLING should be brought back to schools.

I believe parents should be parents and NOT their kids best friend.

I think there’s far to much sex on television these days. The Hardee’s commericials are proof enough of that.

I think the hard working waitress deserves JUST AS MUCH RESPECT as Bill Gates or Donald Trump.

I believe prostitution and pot SHOULD be legalized and then TAXED All. To. Hell.

I believe murderers, rapists and molesters should be placed in the execution express lane and not a wart planted on the ass of society! Tax dollars can be spent more wisely elsewhere!

I multi-task well, BUT I’m very EASILY distracted.

I believe a woman should always look her best – even if she’s just wearing sweats and a t-shirt. A little makeup does a body good. I’d NEVER leave home without mascara and lipstick! EVAH!

I am VAIN without fail, and yet I STRUGGLE with self-esteem.

That’s all for now folks – Me – The good, the bad, the ugly and SO VERY Set in MY Ways!

I believe I’ll stop there! I’m sure there’s much more I can add – but I’ll save those beliefs for posting