Accepting the Outcome of the Election and Accepting the Will of the People ARE TWO Different Things

Project Veritas electin fraud video

Following the debate last night, the entire focus of media coverage was focused on whether or not Mr. Trump would accept the outcome of the election.

Considering the recent release of the Project Veritas Action undercover videos where Democratic “consultants” discussed, even bragged, about how they orchestrated and carried out missions to incite violence at Trump rallies, manipulate the perception of voters and how they successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale (check out the supporting PROOF I found here) – I think it’s more than clear that the outcome of the election and the WILL of the people are two VERY different things – at least during this election. Watch the videos and you will see exactly what I mean. If you only have time to watch one, I encourage you to watch video 2.

If you haven’t seen the videos yet, I encourage you to watch video 1 here (this one focuses on hiring “activists” to attend Trump and Pence events:

and video 2 Here (this one focuses on mass voter fraud):

I completely understand Mr. Trump’s position and commend him for refusing to submit to their push to commit. Of course we KNOW how committing to such request turn out in some cases, don’t we? How many original GOP Presidential candidates committed to supporting the nominee and then went back on their promise?

At least we can all say, Mr. Trump will NOT commit to a position that he may regret later.

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