Bloomberg Leaves God Off Invited Guest List for 9-11 Ceremonies. Will He Invite God to Hurricane Irene Party?

In a small way, I understand the decision of Mayor Bloomberg to exclude religious leaders from the upcoming 10th Anniversary ceremonies of 9-11. I’m sure there are an abundance of religions and beliefs that are represented by the massive number of lives lost. As the political leader, essentially in charge of this event, it would be difficult to determine what religions would be represented and which would not.

That Does NOT however, mean I agree with it.

Here we are, a couple of weeks out from the 9-11 ceremonies and Hurricane Irene is making her way up the coast with her targets including New York City. I have to wonder if Mayor Bloomberg has considered including God in the day(s) leading up to her arrival by offering up a prayer for protection and forgiveness.

What are your thoughts on the exclusion of God from the ceremonies? Good decision? Bad decision?

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