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My husband and I have matching recliners – matching in the sense that they were the same when they were purchased. With time and his ability to spoil the dogs by letting them in the chair with him – his chair has taken on a lot more wear than mine.

If you know anything about microfiber furniture – it is beautiful, it does wear, very well, but over time, it gets matted, and develops this nasty, dirty looking shine.

DIY How to clean microfiber furniture Before                          After

The chair had become a topic of many discussions. I wanted to get rid of it and replace it – thinking it was FAR beyond hope. He said it was comfortable and just fine. His solution was to spray a little Lysol on it and it would wear for another 10 years.

I simply could not live with that. It is by FAR the grungiest piece of furniture we have and it had become a complete eyesore.

Thanks to my Facebook friends and Pinterest, I found a solution that I hoped would work. I was to the point where anything would HAVE to help – nothing could make the matter worse.

This morning I tried the DIY method that had been mentioned by a few friends.

  • Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle – I used an empty hairspray bottle to get a fine mist.
  • A sponge – one that would not fade on the furniture
  • A soft bristled brush

I sprayed down the nasty areas thoroughly. Used a slightly dampened sponge to wash away the grime. As you can see by the bowl of dirty water, there was a lot of grime to wipe away.

How to clean microfiber after (1)

I allowed the areas to dry completely and brushed over it with a fine, soft, household brush.

I am very happy to report – this method worked like a charm. My husband is going to be so happy that I found a way to clean it rather than dispose of it.

I’m not 100% happy with the results so I will be doing this whole process one more time just to be certain it is as clean and fluffy as I can possibly get it.

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