Ever notice – the most organized person is always the one looking for stuff! ME TOO!

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is having to look for ANYTHING!

I’m one of the most organized people ON the freaking planet! Everything has a place and in it’s place it is. That is UNTIL someone else in the house needs something.

Prime example – we have this issue with iPod headphones. Everyone else in the house seems to misplace theirs or lose them. Rather than looking for their own – they grab mine! My PINK headphones, I purposely purchased thinking the inhabitants of Lake Testosterone would not use them because they are pink.


Now, I don’t use them every single day like everyone else – so days may go by before I realize they are missing. By then, whoever ‘borrowed them WITHOUT permission’ has:

  1. forgotten they borrowed them
  2. forgotten where they put them

That’s when I find myself fuming with rage, turning the house upside down looking for MY headphones that were placed in their PROPER place – right where I (and obviously everyone else) know where to find them.

I finally got smart and found a pretty snazzy hiding place for my iPod and headphones.

Today, it’s my black marker – the one I keep in the kitchen because I might just need it sometime – Like RIGHT effing now for instance!

I swear – when they move out – I will get even. I’m keeping note of everything they do that pisses me off and I’ll turn right around and do it back.

  • muddy shoes across the carpet
  • loud noises in the middle of the night (especially when they have young kids. that should be fun)
  • globs of toothpaste on, in and all around the bathroom sink
  • sweating glass of drink setting on their coffee table taking special care to leave a ring
  • being very noisy and disruptive when they’re trying to watch something important

And that’s just to name a few… The list does go on and is a constant work in progress.

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