Hillary’s America DVD Release October 11th – Pre-Order Now and Have It the Day it is Released

Hillarys America DVD Release October 11 2016 Pre-Order In case you didn’t get to see it in a theatre near you, the DVD is set to release on October 11th. You can pre-order through Amazon and have it the day of release for $12.96.

In HILLARY’S AMERICA, best-selling author and influential filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza reveals the sordid truth about Hillary Clinton and the secret history of the Democratic Party.

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Comments by those who have seen it:

An Independent Voter’s View: I am an Independent and wanted to see it and then fact check some of the details. Too many for me to check them all, but what I checked were accurate. It was eye opening. After seeing Hillary’s America, in Massachusetts of all places, and seeing how DNC treated Bernie Sanders and others via the email scandal, it helped me make up my mind. Seems the rating for this will take a hit from people that have not watched it or set out to hate it.

Amazon Customer: I was eager to take an assignment with a local college to easily dispute this film. After 3 long weeks of hard research I couldn’t dispute it with any facts. The research also led me to the local DMV where I changed my party affiliation to Republican. I then watched the film again thru open eyes and give it 5 stars. I would love for these others on here to tell me where it is I can find this information you say is out there that this documentary is propaganda. Because throughout our full library and internet I couldn’t find ANY!

I hope the director knows that he just kicked the hornet’s nest! – Politics aside, if you take the time to look up what is referenced here in this documentary, you will see that all is not as the Democrats would lead you to believe. While the director does have his interpretation of the combinations of evidence, testimony, and historical datum, there is no doubt that enough has been uncovered here to at least make someone of either Democrat or Republican persuasion ask, “Why?”

Hard core Democrats who must hold on to what’s left of their beliefs will find those roots hanging along the cliff are also giving way, and pretty soon nothing is left to cling to, and they must accept the reality of gravity (or in the documentary’s case-the truth about the Democratic Party).

Jason: Outstanding Movie! – This was a great movie! Every American (Republican, Independent, AND Democrat) should watch it, before they vote in this extremely important presidential election. This movie will make you think twice about all of the ignorance and irrationality that the left has brainwashed you to believe for your entire life.

If you don’t agree with or don’t believe what was said in the movie, then obviously, you’re more than welcome to do your own research on everything the movie talked about. Just make sure the research you do, is unbiased, independent, and therefore, fair.

Judy: The Movie Theatre’s Won’t Show – I bought out the theatre auditorium and pre-sold tickets! The movie that the theatre chains WON’T show! Sold out in 24 hours with 25 turned away hoping for a no-show ticket holder. We all visited afterward and concurred that we learn a few facts never taught…EYE-OPENING no matter what age you are! At the end when the National Anthem played…the audience rose and cheered. It’s the lays out the facts that we’ve ALWAYS been aware of as this race moves forward. IT IS A MUST ORDER AND SEE BEFORE YOU VOTE unless YOU want to buy out the auditorium and write 69 emails to make it happen!! Many, many thanks to Dinesh D’Souza!

I’d give this 10 stars if I could – My first reaction after seeing this was that if every voter in America could see this before the election, Hillary wouldn’t stand a chance. But reading some of the negative reviews here I can see that might not be the case. Blind is blind. “You can lead a horse to water, etc, etc …” stands the test of time.

The whole “movie” is a series of documentable facts, one after another. Very little, if any, conjecture or speculation. Hillary is the main topic of course but she’s not the only one exposed. Most of the stuff I knew about but just forgot over time. It’s nice to see years, even decades, of malfeasance condensed to an hour and a half. And it’ enough to blow your mind!

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