I Had a Stomach Bug – I Kept My Ass Home!


This whole Ebola thing has me wound up in a complete tizzy! I CAN NOT for the LIFE of me figure out what anyone, ESPECIALLY a health care worker, could possibly be thinking! When they have been in CLOSE quarters with a man who had AND DIED from Ebola – wouldn’t common sense tell you to STAY off a PLANE? Stay away from the people you care enough about to HAVE in your wedding?

Just a week ago I was hit with a nasty stomach bug. I was suffering nausea like no other – I was tired, achy and felt like I had been hit by a bus.

There were days when I felt a need to run to the store to get some Gatorade, juice or Ginger Ale, but I didn’t! I kept my ass home!

My dogs ran out of food – my dad picked some up for me and placed it in our garage. I didn’t even encounter my dad, to where I could pass on the bug to him.

When I am sick, I often think about the people I may encounter if I were to go out. People who might have challenged immune systems from an illness or who might be undergoing chemo treatment. I think about tiny babies who might not be up to the challenge of a stomach bug. I think about the elderly. I think about the kids who might get what I have, go to school and pass it to their whole classroom.


flipping the bird I don’t need someone from the CDC telling me it’s okay to travel or not – I KEEP MY ASS HOME!

Much like any other illness that spreads and thrives on public ignorance, Ebola is the same.

If people would just use the brains God gave them, this Ebola scare could be put to rest quickly.

Get a grip people. If you’re sick – stay home.

If you’ve been around those idiots who have Ebola and chose to put you at risk, KEEP YOUR ASS HOME for the 21 days.

It’s really very simple – is it not?

And well, if you are sick and you do choose to go out just because, you deserve my latest FLIPPIN’ IT AWARD! X 2 even!

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  1. Angela says:

    You are speaking my language!

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