I Joined the ItWorks Skinny Wrap Craze! Results Forthcoming!

itworks logo - gayla taylor A few months ago, I saw a girl I know talking about the ItWorks wraps. She is a loyal customer and a believer in the product – but, she is not a distributor. That’s what got me intrigued to begin with. I quietly watched her comments and saw how many people would snap at the chance to purchase a single wrap when she got her next order.

I began checking into the product a little more – then more and before I knew it, I was obsessed with uncovering real comments from real users who were not distributors. I wanted to see REAL pictures – not those wrapped in the ItWorks frames that were part of the promotional tools used by the company.

I found what I was looking for.

Next I wanted to know if I could join the program without hosting parties – without going out and throwing sales pitches in public settings. I have worked from home FAR too long to get back into anything like that. Besides, I had tried Mary Kay a LONG time ago, and failed horribly.

I finally approached the girl that sold me on the product and told her if she would become a distributor, I would sign up under her. Unfortunately, her work and life situation didn’t allow her to join up yet – but she’s determined to join at some point.

Without someone I actually KNEW in the real world to sign up under, I waited. I watched some more and I dug around even more. That’s when I found a girl I went to school with who was listed as a distributor. I contacted Val and began emailing her about her experience. She proceeded to tell me that she was new to the program but she is a loyal believer in the product and she is on target to make ItWorks her primary business.

After a brief phone conversation with Val to answer my questions – I sent out a feeler post on Facebook to see who else I might know who used the products and to learn from their feedback. A friend of a friend messaged me and answered SO many questions and provided me with her own images and shared her own results.

That’s all it took!

I am in! I officially joined the program and will be sharing my own experiences and my own journey with my readers. I have always taken pride in providing absolute product reviews – the good, the bad and the really bad – I plan to do the same with ItWorks. So stay tuned!

You will learn from my own experience and from the experiences of those who wish to give ItWorks a try with me.

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If you have tried the products and have any thing you’d like to say about your own experience, I would love to hear about it – so please share your comments in the section below.

This should be a lot of fun!


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